This week we have decided to bring you the best deals on holders, to suit any Dining/Bar/Outdoor Area. You will not beat these prices anywhere, some have limited stock availability, so be quick. All prices are ex vat. All of these items can be found on our sale page,

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This beautiful crystal glass gives a lovely light through the glass for use with our giant 10 hour burn tealights. Adds an elegant finish to any table

 Maxi-Crystal-Tealight-HolderCrystal Cut Maxi Tealight Holder (Case 18) Usual Price: £35.10 Sale Price £24.57. Crystal Cut Maxi Tea Light Holder. £1.37 each H: 45mm x D: 85mm Case 18. To Order

Always popular this simple holder comes in various colours to match any setting, probably one of our most popular items. Great with tea lights or votive candles.


Frosted Tea Light Holder (Case 48) Product SKU: NL1 Usual Price: £47.92 Sale Price £24.00. A simple candle holder. 6cm tall, 4cm top diameter, 4cm base diameter. Case Size: 48 Were: 99p each Now: 50p each. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. To Order Http://



This Ice Cube Teal Light holder, will add cool to any setting. Beautifully tactile, it distorts light and suits those subtle requirements. Very hard to knock over and so very safe

bubble_highlight_holder[2]Ice Cube Refill Holder (Case 16) Product SKU: ICECUBE £16.00 ex vat  8.5 x 8.5 x 11cm Case Size:16 £1.00 Each Limited Stock available – once they’re gone, they’re gone. To Order


This traditional shape looks fab either with Floating Candles, Pillars or Tea Lights. You just need to add water for floaters or sand for Pillars and Tea Lights, these look lovely in the right setting


Brandy Balloon Product SKU: GT10 Usual Price: £7.95 Sale Price £5.57 Brandy glass shaped clear chunky hurricane lamp H: 23cm, D: 19cm £5.57 each
CLEARANCE: Only 5 pieces left! To Order



A big favourite for outdoor areas, lovely multi coloured lights shine through the mosaic. One of our popular ranges Chunky and Robust – a really impressive holder!!


Round Mosaic Candle Holder (Case 12) Product SKU: R2. Usual Price: £35.40 Sale Price £23.88 ex vat Round Mosaic Candle Holder (Case 12) 9cm round mosaic tea light holder 7cm tall. Were:£2.95 each. Now: £1.99 each. To Order

This holder is suitable for Outdoors around your garden Parasol/ Umbrella Tables, easy to fill and very pretty


Parasol Candle Holder (Case 6) Product SKU: parasol. Usual Price: £47.70 Sale Price £33.00 ex vat Available in Black & Chrome. Case Size:6. Were: £7.95 each Now: £5.50 each *Candles not included*. To Order

Very Retro 60s shape and colour, gives a lovely soft glow and look wonderful when bunched together This beautiful globe holder is most suitable with an 8 hour tea light.


Turquoise Globe Holder (Case 15) Product SKU: TGLOBE. Usual Price: £37.50 Sale Price £22.50.  H: 7cm x D:8.5cm Case Size: 15 Was: £2.50 each Now: £1.50 each. To Order


This elegant metal lantern has a criss-cross design. We have both Black or Cream available. You can put Fuel Cells and Tea Lights in these


Metal lantern with criss-cross feature (Case 4) Product SKU: METTLANT. Usual Price: £27.96 Sale Price £19.58 ex vat  Most suitable with a 70 x 200 pillar candle D:13cm x 13cm H: 26cm Case Size: 4 £4.89 each. To Order




A simple hexagonal metal lantern, suitable with tea lights. Adds a lovely accent to any area

creamy_white_metal_lantern_1[1]Hexagonal Lantern (Case 6) Product SKU: HEXLANT. Usual Price: £30.48 Sale Price £21.34 ex vat. 21cm tall, 12cm diameter. £3.55 each Case Size:6. To Order




Our Red Hot Sale

If its Red its on Sale

@Covent Garden Candles

Well the sun has been shining, evenings have been warm and we are all feeling just a little bit HOT, sharing these sizzlers with our customers was something we could not resist.

We have hand picked from our red ranges just for you, not too early to think of Christmas and a chance to stock up. We have personally selected the products below to make the most useful and often ordered available to our customers at a special price. Our candles are top quality Bolsius European manufacture. All of our Candles are over dipped in a high content stearin wax to minimize dripping.

Dinner Candles

One of Our biggest sellers ever gets discounted in the heat of the moment.

Our Bolsius Dinner candles are one of the best buys. High quality smoke free, these are perfect for your guests and diners. 

Wine Red Dinner Candles C51

Usual Price: £23.98 for 120 Sale Price £19.50 with a burn time of 8 hours Click here to order:

 40 x 60mm Wine Red Pillar Candles 

These are absolutely gorgeous they look elegant in a group on a little holder in fact anywhere and singly they are subtle giving the perfect ambience


D: 40mm x H: 60mm / D: 1.5″ x H: 2.3″ Burn Time approx. 7 Hours Case Size: 200 Available in wine red  Only Usual Price: £52.00 Sale Price £36.40 ex vat. 18p each

Click here to order:

100 x 200mm Red Pillar Candles

Again another one of our absolute best sellers, These fly out and look gorgeous in glass hurricane lamps or on a holder.

100 x 200 Wine Red Bolsius










Size:D: 100mm x H: 200mm D: 4″ x H: 8″ Burn time approx. 120 hours  Case size: 8 Usual Price £32.48 Sale Price £22.74 ex vat £2.84 each.  

Click here to order:

Available in  Ivory, white and Red. For our regular range. Please click here.

Small Scented Candles in Glass

Perfect for your areas that needs scents, these long lasting beautifully packaged scented candles will make your guests and customers feel the love


Winter Dream Scented Z11 Bolsius

A beautifully scented candle in clear glass. H:80mm x D: 70mm at widest point Burn time of approx. 25 hours. Labels on the glass are designed to peel cleanly and easily. Available in Winterdream scent 
Scents from our normal range: See here for details.

Usual Price: £45.60 Sale Price £31.92 ex vat £1.33 each Case Size: 24

Click here to order:

100 x 100mm Wine Red Pillars

These are such a lovely shape, probably my personal favourite, they look lovely on shelves and inside hurricane lamps

100 x 100 mm WINE RED PILLAR C13O

CLEARANCE: Only 8 pieces left!  (Case 8) Product SKU: C13OWR  Size: D: 100mm x H: 100mm / D: 4″ x H: 4″  Burn time approx. 100 hours 

Usual Price: £24.56 Sale Price £17.19 ex vat £2.15 each

Click here to order:

D-Light Beautiful wax filled glass with a modern criss-crossed design. 

D-Light (Case 36) Beautiful wax filled glass with a modern criss crossed design.  10cm tall, 9.5cm diameter.  Burn time approx. 45hrs.  

Usual Price: £45.36 Sale Price £36.00 ex vat Were: £1.26 each  Now: £1.00 each One case of Red is available

Click here to order:

3 wick coloured Candle 

A clear heavy glass candle filled with unscented coloured wax.3_wick_red_candles_in_glass[1] (2)
Available in Burgundy & Only they’re gone they’re gone.  H:15cm x D:15cm   Case Size: 6

Usual Price: £47.94 Sale Price £33.00 ex vat Were: £7.99 each  Now: £5.50 each

Click here to order:

We hope you have enjoyed looking through our sale items. We love to give good service, if you have any questions or need any help please email us or give us a call on 020 77360740

Candle Plans

I have to admit I love candles and what they do for ambience. I could not imagine not having candles in my home and feel so lucky that I get to work with the hospitality industry. I know with Christmas planning around the corner and all the hectic rush to make sure our customers are happy. I thought I would post a few of the seasonal candles that we will be stocking up on for our customers over the coming Christmas period. To remind you to order early @

These lovely red lowboys will add a warm light to any table and these tea lights  who can resist their scent of Vanilla and Cherry


new 005103626944475103626944445






I am also wondering what will be the Christmas colours this year,

lowboyHave you planned your theme already? Are you sure that it will be in stock,  challenge us @ to find your perfect colour.

Rustic candles summer colours_verticalAnd of course my favourite candle colour Ivory


So lots and lots of choices to make.

We will be sending out our annual discount wholesale brochure to all our customers.
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Aromas to kill for

Whilst sitting on the tube this morning between one unwashed male and one male stinking of stale booze, a horrid experience and I could have cheerfully deodorised them both. I was desperate to get to the office where we trial aromatic candles all the time. A particular favourite of mine is the Baked Cookies by Bolsius, this is a truly gorgeous range. For use in your problem areas.  Whether its the loos or the smoking area at the back these are great to get rid of those nuisance odours. We have the full range available at Covent Garden Candles 

Juicy Orange z13Blueberry z13Baked Cookies z13





What about these yummy smells who knew and they really do smell as per label amazing.They come in a range of sizes and aromas for full range and our wonderful wholesale  prices go to Covent Garden Candles.   






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Its so hot

Well what a change to the weather only a week ago I wondered if it would ever stop raining. In the space of 4 days apparently UK tourism has gone up and people are doing staycation. We Brits are really driven by the weather and like nothing more on a summer evening than to sit out and enjoy our late light evenings. The mosquitos and other pests that drive us mad can be a problem, so below are our outdoor citronella and lighting products to keep your customers happy in your beer gardens and dining terraces. Make the most of summer.

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Citronella Candle in Glass Jar

Citronella Lowboy Bolsius

Dancing flame

Citronella Night Lights

Set of 3 Striped Citronella Pots

Bamboo Garden Torch

GF - Garden Flares Bolsius

Event Organisers & Planning Beautiful Displays

This short blog is aimed at event organisers. Some of the most beautiful candle displays I have seen are done by event organisers for wedding and celebrations. I often wonder how they manage to get the space right and if they get the opportunity to really play with design or its a tried and trusted scenario.
The photos above and below illustrate what I mean they are breath-taking examples of what you can achieve with candles and so for this week I say hats off to all the event organisers. angela stewart creative
if you tweet me your pictures of beautiful events decorated with candles I will retweet.

Candles and Nightlights: Quality vs. Cost


A quality candle has a number of things that must be right
The right wick for the size and type of candle or the burn will be uneven and smokey and will waste wax
In Covent Garden Candles our stock is sourced from reputable European manufactures, using high quality raw materials which means peace of mind for our customers who can rely on quality long burning and clean candles at discounted wholesale prices.
Make sure your candles have the right length wick with a bend in it (the wick should bend to give an even burn)
Make sure the flame is even and never touches the glass or the glass will crack
Use the recommended containers available from Covent Garden Candles
In conclusion cheap candles and nightlights are a false economy and good quality candles are far more cost effective in the long run, which means you can love your customers and your costs

Gold and Silver

Why have candles endured?

How amazing that through the centuries candles have endured, we turn off the power and light candles at dinner time. We have them in the bathroom to help us relax.
I guess the bottom line is that we will always use candles, I love when hotels and restaurants provide candles and soft lighting.
I wonder what our emotional connection is to candles, I think its the beautiful glow, a soft comforting light.

Source Wikipedia:
After the collapse of the Roman empire, trading disruptions made olive oil, the most common fuel for oil lamps, unavailable throughout much of Europe. As a consequence, candles became more widely used. By contrast, in North Africa and the Middle East, candle-making remained relatively unknown due to the availability of olive oil.
Candles were commonplace throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. Candle makers (known as chandlers) made candles from fats saved from the kitchen or sold their own candles from within their shops. The trade of the chandler is also recorded by the more picturesque name of “smeremongere”, since they oversaw the manufacture of sauces, vinegar, soap and cheese. The popularity of candles is shown by their use in Candlemas and in Saint Lucy festivities
Pillar KTM red

Introductory Offer 5% discount when you order quoting the code Candle Bonanza

Candles, so much part of the expectation of customers at your venue. Be it a romantic dinner, relaxing Spa, birthday celebration or major party, we expect and love candles and haven’t they come a long way since the days of spitting and smoking. Now you can order beautifully shaped, aroma filled, floating, electric or sparkling candles to suit the needs of every venue. Love your customers. We have wholesale candles for every occasion httBlog 13-06-16p:// 02077360740

Summer Warehouse Clearance!!!






Hello Trade Customers!!

We are having a bit of a Summer clearance in our warehouse at the moment.

The main items you will be interested in are our 4 & 4-5 hour tealights which are now reduced in price for the summer!!

4.5 hour tealights

Other items we have reduced is our 60 & 120cm Bamboo Torches

120cm bamboo torches 60cm bamboo torch

Check these out along with other items on our Sale Page!

nl1 selection

Our new catalogue for Autumn/Winter season is here, call us on 0207 7360740 to request a hardcopy! Check out the New Season page for whats new at the moment.

103868190305 103868190324



Some amazing new Candles & Holders coming through!!



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Candles Team !!