Candle Plans

I have to admit I love candles and what they do for ambience. I could not imagine not having candles in my home and feel so lucky that I get to work with the hospitality industry. I know with Christmas planning around the corner and all the hectic rush to make sure our customers are happy. I thought I would post a few of the seasonal candles that we will be stocking up on for our customers over the coming Christmas period. To remind you to order early @

These lovely red lowboys will add a warm light to any table and these tea lights  who can resist their scent of Vanilla and Cherry


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I am also wondering what will be the Christmas colours this year,

lowboyHave you planned your theme already? Are you sure that it will be in stock,  challenge us @ to find your perfect colour.

Rustic candles summer colours_verticalAnd of course my favourite candle colour Ivory


So lots and lots of choices to make.

We will be sending out our annual discount wholesale brochure to all our customers.
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