Aromas to kill for

Whilst sitting on the tube this morning between one unwashed male and one male stinking of stale booze, a horrid experience and I could have cheerfully deodorised them both. I was desperate to get to the office where we trial aromatic candles all the time. A particular favourite of mine is the Baked Cookies by Bolsius, this is a truly gorgeous range. For use in your problem areas.  Whether its the loos or the smoking area at the back these are great to get rid of those nuisance odours. We have the full range available at Covent Garden Candles 

Juicy Orange z13Blueberry z13Baked Cookies z13





What about these yummy smells who knew and they really do smell as per label amazing.They come in a range of sizes and aromas for full range and our wonderful wholesale  prices go to Covent Garden Candles.   






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