Candles and Nightlights: Quality vs. Cost


A quality candle has a number of things that must be right
The right wick for the size and type of candle or the burn will be uneven and smokey and will waste wax
In Covent Garden Candles our stock is sourced from reputable European manufactures, using high quality raw materials which means peace of mind for our customers who can rely on quality long burning and clean candles at discounted wholesale prices.
Make sure your candles have the right length wick with a bend in it (the wick should bend to give an even burn)
Make sure the flame is even and never touches the glass or the glass will crack
Use the recommended containers available from Covent Garden Candles
In conclusion cheap candles and nightlights are a false economy and good quality candles are far more cost effective in the long run, which means you can love your customers and your costs

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