Why have candles endured?

How amazing that through the centuries candles have endured, we turn off the power and light candles at dinner time. We have them in the bathroom to help us relax.
I guess the bottom line is that we will always use candles, I love when hotels and restaurants provide candles and soft lighting.
I wonder what our emotional connection is to candles, I think its the beautiful glow, a soft comforting light.

Source Wikipedia:
After the collapse of the Roman empire, trading disruptions made olive oil, the most common fuel for oil lamps, unavailable throughout much of Europe. As a consequence, candles became more widely used. By contrast, in North Africa and the Middle East, candle-making remained relatively unknown due to the availability of olive oil.
Candles were commonplace throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. Candle makers (known as chandlers) made candles from fats saved from the kitchen or sold their own candles from within their shops. The trade of the chandler is also recorded by the more picturesque name of “smeremongere”, since they oversaw the manufacture of sauces, vinegar, soap and cheese. The popularity of candles is shown by their use in Candlemas and in Saint Lucy festivities
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